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About xl8 review

Xl8 review is a review project, dedicated to testing innovative products that can be of help to freelance professionals. The xl8 review project was started back in 2017 and focuses mostly on translators and other text-minded people that work all day long on their computers, on the go, as digital nomads or in their home office.
Reviewed products are tested for a couple of weeks; afterwards they are transparently reviewed according to a relevant criteria like design, usability and durability.
The products that are tested in the xl8 review vary greatly, but what they all have in common is that they can be helpful for translators and other professionals. So far we have tested an expensive book scanner, an innovative water bottle to promote hydration, business planners and more. All these products are in one way or another innovative, ground-breaking, or in other ways worth consideration by translators.

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The plan

The xl8 review was born out of curiosity and to bring translators and product developers together. While translators are often forward-thinking and eager to try new things out, they are mostly not early adopters and may be afraid to make choices that can delay the progress of their business. The xl8 review project bridges the gap and brings new innovations to the forefront for all types of translators.
Products that are being tested in the xl8 review project are mostly found at Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since the inception of the project we have been able to test different products and raise awareness about them.

The audience

As the name suggests the xl8 review project primarily focuses on translators (hence “xl8”). However, as the product reviews are spread over multiple social media, like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, they also touch base with other professionals. The reviews therefore are being spread among thousands of other professionals, mostly freelancers and project managers.

Dear Pieter, thank you for these great options. I started to write daily journals since last month but I never really used a planner. However, this review made me really think about it. Thanks again.

Fadwa Mohammed

I personally went for a compact Passion Planner(A5 format) which makes it less ‘clumsy’. Your review of the Butterfly Planner really caught my attention, though. I may really consider buying it next time! Thanks Pieter

Eleonora Angelici

#xl8review by @vertaaltnu is a worth following initiative of reviewing all sorts of products for translators. Sometimes it is a scanner, and sometimes a water bottle! Kudoz for going out of the box! 🙂

Michał Tosza

Based on your story, I immediately bought a (…) device with a big discount.



In order to reach as many readers as possible, the xl8 review project has engaged the close cooperation of various business partners. All reviews are re-posted on The Open Mic, a niche website for translators with about 5,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands pageviews. These reviews are widely shared on social media and receive useful feedback.

Other reviews and news about the project and reviewed products are shared at ProZ.com. With more than 300,000 subscribers, it’s the biggest website for translators out there. Reviews are aimed at the blog, but are also shared in the forums and the news section of the website.

Sometimes there are opportunities to review products in other media as well. Pieter Beens, initiator of the xl8 review project, is working for several newspapers as well. Sometimes products are reviewed in Dutch newspapers with tens of thousands of print subscriptions, like the AYO wearable below.

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Frequently asked questions

OK, but why should I send my expensive product for a review? + -

Great question. Some products we receive, like the CZUR book scanner and the AYO wearable, cost hundreds of dollars. Yet companies are sending these for review because they are convinced that the xl8 review is reaching the right audience for their products. In return for sending your product for review you will receive wide coverage on the internet. A sound review can increase your sales numbers, which will compensate for the price of your review unit. Most product reviews are also ranking high in Google for ‘product name review’, which increases the trustworthiness and customer journey for your product.

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Great, but other media outlets write a review without asking for a sample. + -

That’s true. However, these reviews are often placed when a product is introduced and not yet produced. In many cases these products do not make it through the full production cycle. By sending a real sample for review you show that your product is ready for production – or is being produced already. A product review can then give your product a head start at the beginning of your marketing journey.

Does the xl8 review project attract translators only? + -

Nope. The xl8 review project mainly targets translators, but there are many other freelancers who show an interest as well, like designers, copywriters, editors, and so on. In addition, marketing managers are also sharing the reviews, so xl8 reviews are spreading to all kinds of businesses.

How long do you test a device before writing a product review? + -

We write one xl8 review each month. This gives us plenty of time to test a product for a whole month, often for five days per week. During this period we can make up our minds about the pros and cons. In the meantime we publish a reminder or progress update on social media weekly to spark curiosity within the translator community.

Are there other opportunities to benefit from the xl8 review project? + -

Many of the xl8 reviews are ranking high on Google, thus improving the marketing and customer journey for the product. Reviews are shared on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as well. You might offer a discount to readers if you want to. There are, however, no opportunities to advertise.

Are products independently reviewed? + -

Absolutely. The product is tested for a full month without any contact with designers and developers. After that an independent review is written and published at xl8.review. While product designers might opt to offer a discount for the audience, there is no marketing or advertising whatsoever. Furthermore, all products are reviewed according the same criteria to counter potential bias.

Do you promote the product during the review? + -

Every last Wednesday of the month we publish our monthly review. In the weeks leading up to the review we place some pictures and thoughts about the product on social media, but we do not actively promote it until then. Let’s face it: while an initial thought can be positive or negative, longer use of a product can completely shift minds. That is why the main conclusion is only shared in the final review.

Which products do you plan to review in the near future? + -

The upcoming months offer a wide range of reviews, from a wearable to boost energy levels to a business bag and a scanner. Do you want to join in? Drop an email to us!

What happens to the product samples after they have been reviewed? + -

Because of the cost of shipping, samples are not returned after review. They may, however, be retained for promotion in media such as national newspapers or on various websites. In some cases they will be discarded or passed on  to people who can test or use them.

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