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  • Ioan Prislopeanu

    I am a linguist with almost a quarter of a century experience in translation / localization / interpreting at the highest government levels
    in my homeland, Romania and abroad, as an English- language journalist working for German and American niche magazines. I have an university degree in English and German, as well as proficiency in French and Italian – apart from my native Romanian. I was also certified in 2003, as translator – interpreter for Romanian, English and German by the Romanian Ministry of Justice..
    As freelance journalism in my field of expertise does not pay for all my family bills, I made an attempt to come back to my previous life as translator – interpreter. .. A fat chance it was – in Romania, where the industry was plugged-down by the old, Russian – controlled
    ” Kooperativa” – and by other local “honchos” who are not exactly friendly with the newcomers.
    Well, during this bright INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATION DAY, is there anyone out there, who can help me by pointing in the right direction – where I could make a honest buck ? … ROMANIAN – ENGLISH – GERMAN – FRENCH – ITALIAN…. Publications I am currently writing for: Tobacco Reporter (USA) and Tobacco Journal International (Germany).

    30 September, 2017 at 11.43 Reply
  • Ioan Prislopeanu

    P.S. Danke, Pieet, fuer Ihre Gastfreundlichkeit! Once again, thanks for receiving me, ! Jon

    30 September, 2017 at 11.51 Reply
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