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  • Martin Janda

    Just a little question: Have you ever tried to do a translation, or even any long-ish typing, on a smartphone? Or tablet? On the top of that, digital nomads need to work anywhere – and a decent web access is definitely not anything you would have everywhere.
    Not to mention that feature-wise, standard CAT tools still have the upper hand.

    If I want to work everywhere, I simply take my 13″ Sony Vaio along, with a decent integrated keyboard and an old-fashioned locally installed CAT tool.

    11 May, 2018 at 17.45 Reply
  • Colin Mansell

    Have you ever thought about the future of the translation industry and all these CAT and SAT tools if the economics that currently favours these tools at the cost to quality, were to change, with a greater supply of better human translators? All the problems that no computer can resolve will be done by humans and this terrible phase of low quality, low-cost translation will be swept into the dustbin of history, thank God.

    13 May, 2018 at 18.22 Reply
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