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  • Moongoose

    Pierre, in case you need an app localization tool to help you more easily translate software strings, I recommend you have a look at the online translation and localization platform https://poeditor.com/ – it has a great interface.

    9 July, 2015 at 13.15 Reply
    • Moongoose

      *Pieter, sorry. 🙂

      9 July, 2015 at 13.17 Reply
  • Moongoose

    Is it possible that you may be confusing the desktop app Poedit with the localization platform POEditor, to which I linked earlier? If so, I recommend you check out the localization management platform POEditor for yourself, because it is completely different from the desktop app.

    Just to mention a few things: you can use POEditor to manage localization teams, it offers different automation features like API, Translation Memory, Bitbucket and Github integration, it even has a WordPress translation plugin.

    Also, POEditor is project based, which means that you can import and export the localized language files in any of the formats the platform supports (you are not tied to the initial imported format).

    I don’t have much experience with MemoQ, so I couldn’t tell you how POEditor is different from this tool.

    I hope this information proves useful to you.

    10 July, 2015 at 13.09 Reply
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