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  • Learn Dutch

    Nice blog! Handy tips. Dutch is not an easy language to learn, but with some help and practice, you can pronounce the sch really quick!

    22 September, 2017 at 11.52 Reply
  • Robert Hambrook

    I haven’t found my learning of Dutch very progressive. Lots of learning de and het words, and still getting it wrong with a lot of words. A thousand most common words, which ends up being more like 1500+ words when using various resources. A lot of watching youtube videos on pronounciation of g, r sch and dipthongs. I can hear the sound native speakers make, with some words, but reproducing what I hear is extremely difficult with some words. Word order is horrendous. If you want to feel like a dunce try working out Dutch word order in complex sentences. I found a good resource but it seems very technical. I am sure I could work my through it but how many years do I want to devote to it. When I learnt English as child I don ‘t remember learning clauses, past participles, modals, auxialiries, demonstratives, etc. Surely this is not how Dutch children are taught. All in all I have found Dutch maddening, sole-destroying and good way to feel like a complete and utter dunce. I haven’t enjoyed what I have learned at all.

    16 January, 2020 at 21.13 Reply
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    16 October, 2021 at 17.55 Reply
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