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  • Niemalie

    I wanted to talk about software translation and the duty of someone in charge of localisation. I’m assuming your client was not someone working in translation but rather a separate task. I’m new to using things like CAT software, but often rely on Google Translate for my translating endeavours. I think there is a distinct difference between someone using the software who also knows the language they’re translating to and someone who uses it and hopes for the best. But having used CAT tools, I’m aware of the same kinds of pitfalls you might encounter when using other translating software, as some tools have automated suggestions and translations, making it possible to translate an entire passage without actually doing the translation yourself. Since the localisation process requires us to take on many more tasks than just that of translation, including project management, do you think translators are just as likely to rely on software translations in order to hasten the process, and is that necessarily as bad as someone with no target language knowledge at all doing the same?

    5 October, 2020 at 11.22 Reply
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