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  • UnhappyBuyer

    I bought one of these based on the glowing description and was very disappointed by the lack of sophistication of the software. If you had any experience scanning books you would understand just how underfeatured this product is compared to what else is out there. Most scanner companies will bundle a reputable quality OCR package with a track record instead of trying to patch a second rate combo together. Any serious user will still have to spend another $100 to get this hardware up to speed in my opinion. The unit was returned as overpriced and underfeatured.
    The product does a very poor job of deskewing the pages in my tests and does not crop the ugly outer edge of the pages. It also is not consistent in its removal of the finger images from the edge no matter how careful you are in placement. The software does not allow human judgement to enter into fixing the spelling misreads that it makes.

    26 October, 2017 at 10.15 Reply
  • Kevin

    I’m also a user of CZUR and actually I’m fairly satisfied with it.
    Most scanners out there are not able to scan books automatically. You need to press the book, and the scanner’s needs to contact scanned mateirials, and in most circumstances, you have to unbind the books. CZUR use a technology to flatten the pages and I value that very much.

    I work in a law office and CZUR works well for most times. We have many documents and archives to scan. The fast scanning speed is also important for us to choose a scanner and CZUR can reach nealy 40-60 pages per minute, which satisfies our demands.
    It looks like a dest lamp and doesn’t occupy much room. So basically, I like it. So do my colleagues.

    16 November, 2017 at 12.52 Reply
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